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697 words....wow, I suck at life.  I should have over 3,000 words right now....But I only have 697....Kill me please. 
I just...am not inspired at all.  Maybe this isn't for me.  I mean, I can never keep to one thing, and I know everything I write is so...taciturn and boring compared to even middle schoolers writing an english paper.  I mean, It doesn't matter how inspired I may be to write something.  It just...doesn't formulate. I don't know why.
Take this thunder storm for intense.  Quite inspiring.  I even opened a new word document.  But as I stared at the blank page you know what I got?
I'll tell you what I got:
"The thunder was incredibly fierce this evening."
wow......how invigorating....not
I mean, if only what I wrote was more like my blog entries, or papers even!  I wouldn't be filled with self-loathing.  But no...Life doesn't work that way.  You see, I must think I have talent...then go about falling in love with something, before realizing my unborn, and still UNCONCEIVED child could write better prose than me.  And that is not a joke.  I have seen better writing when I read fan fictions about harry potter in middle school!  THAT IS NOT A LIE!  Not even a modest, wow I'm pissed at my writing right now lie!  that is the honest to god truth!
I'm just....too pissed to do anything right now.  I don't even think I could go to bed...
well fuck me.
And on a plus side, I have a crawfish boil tomorrow.  My big sis in the sorority's engagement party.  How exciting!!!  Can't wait!  Because by than I will have dispensed my anger and not hate my self so much.  Which is always good.