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Scotland, finally

So I wasn't expecting it, but it's extremely difficult to find internet on this island. The places we have been staying have had no internet in the rooms. So it's either a walk down the block on a day when I could actually breath (which were few and far between) or just not get online. It happens.
But this is been quite an exciting experience. I only wish I had been keeping a journal every day of what happens because it's all just one crazy happening after another. Like getting accosted by gypsies in Paris, or butt naked men in Loch Ness hostels.
or the moments when words escaped me, such as seeing Big ben for the first time, coming out of the westminster tube exit and looking up to a symbol of London. Or understanding the enormity of a battle lost in Scotland.
But I still have three papers to write for my london history class, don't even get me started on that nonsense... Then a book review of t.m. Devine's the scottish nation...look it up... yea, about that.I wish I were a better journal-er. Life would be much easier...