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Mar. 31st, 2008


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And this is what I'm going to look like over the next month.  Typing and drinking frenzied gulps of hot coffee.  Hazelnut style.
I have the intro paragraph done-ish.  And I've been brainstorming all day and have a good idea of what I want to do with the story.  Lets see if it pans out!

Mar. 30th, 2008


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So I'm going to be writing a 50,000 word book in a month. Wish me luck. I'm going to be using this journal to keep ya'll up to date with my progress! I'll post pictures and snippets and other fun things that will most likely be me trying to procrastinate. But either way, keep me motivated friends!

Mar. 29th, 2008

magic in science

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Mar. 10th, 2008


New Obsessions

So I have a few new obsessions.  One of which is FINDING MY OLD PASSWORDS!!!  So I can finally update on here.  (my old computer had the password memorized so I wouldn't have to.  SO I didn't remember it...sorry.) 
Another of which is collecting penguin books Great Ideas, a collection of the most influential essays in history.  They are quite fascinating.  They have the Social Contract by Rousseau (the book the sparked the french revolution)  Hazlitt's On the Pleasure of Hating.  I mean, these little books are AMAZING!!!! These are all of the essays that one should read throughout their lifetime. 
I'm also looking up all the information I can find on the following:
  • Chernobyl
  • Marie Antoinette
  • The Romanovs
  • Genetic Memory
  • The Feticide in Male dominate cultures
  • and a bunch of other things
If you come across some VERY AWESOME INFORMATIVE articles or websites or anything like that about the above, I will bake you some cookies or something....I don't know, I'll think of something.  I just like having the information and all.

Also, I now have a major: Cultural Resource Management.
I'M GOING TO WORK IN A Museum!!! YAY!  That is my dream!!!
I also am making a wedding binder.  All of my sisters are in love with it and always ask how its coming along. I think I want to become a wedding planner...Like JLO, only with a smaller booty.
Oh, and I'm minoring in creative writing, even though my adviser is an idiot and thinks its a bad idea...moron.
I really need to go to bed though...YIKES!! It's almost one. 
I'm going to update my writing of the Silver Crescent, as it is tentatively called right now, than go to bed.  I should start typing that up soon....see how long its coming to be.  I have six pages so far, handwritten...but still. Right, GOODNIGHT!!!
Lots of Love

Aug. 22nd, 2007


In college

Right so, i'm in college.and am reading the Iliad for the first time, and yea....I'm going to get on that

Aug. 11th, 2007


Okay, so a few things

a fare few awsome things have happened in the last week. 
First: I got a new computer!  WHOOH HOO!!!!! It's a new sony vaio, and it's blue, and its amazing!
second: I got my new text books for next year!  yay! there so fun! god i'm a loser...
fifth: I preordered my copy of Libba Bray's new novel the sweet far thing (WHOOOOOO) and also stephenie meyer's new novel that comes oput next year in may, the host, which has nothing to do with twilight...so yay.
sixth: I watched the shoebox project trailer which has a clip from OotP that wasn't EVER seen i'm pretty sure, because i would have seen it, because it involves james potter and snape and the tunnel to the shreking shack.  and that makes me excited because i wanna know where it came from...

EDIT: the missing scene that I though was in the shoebox trailer, is actually something a bunch of people made themselves.  It's actually really good, it just looked like the guy that plays james potter. 

Jul. 31st, 2007


does anyone even care?

Seriously though...does anyone even read this.  Any of my friends or anything? I mean, am I just a burdan on your friend's page.  Like do you go: "oh shit, here she goes again...updating about stuff we don't care about" because I think thats what happens. I just want to know people care....and apparently...no one does....



So, I'm going to be vlogging my freshamn year at soueastern louisiana university with my friend emily, who will be vlogging back about her freshman year at regis college (or is it university) and also with angelina, my russian friend who will be vlogging her junior year at my high shcool alma mater. can I just tell you how utterly excited I am about this?  anser: VERY MUCHLY EXCITED!!!  
SO excited that I've written a few pages in a new story that i am inspired to write.  Its a YA supernatural book so far....and it rocks my socks beasue there is a character called

Winter Tasarla Montgomery 

and she is going to be awsome~!
and i'm kinda really excited about it becasue this is the first time I actually have a semblance of what I'm going to do with the characters.  Not that I didn't fpr corrine and philip, of whom I still need to wok on, but I strait up like this one better...

TWILIGHT'S THIRD SEQUAL!!!!  ECLIPSE will be coming out in 6 days and 22 hours!!!!!!!!  I'M SO EXCITED>>>>I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul. 27th, 2007


may 8th, 2005

I just read my journal entry from that day, and all i have to say is:
a. who the hel called me Mar-Mar?
b. who the hell is Becca....did they call me Mar-Mar?

New Fave Ships

So, SInce reading all of the spoilers out there...and the final chapter of harry potter an the deathy hallows I woul like to now share my favorite Ships, in order of how long I've been on said ship:

I love the new availibility that deathly hallows opened for shippers.......and theres, actually, not any spoilers in that statement...

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